Those free email services monitor your email and sell that information to third party vendors to send you advertisements about there products. That is how they make there money and be able to offer you there free services. We do not monitor or sell your information to anyone.

Our service is simple and easy to use. We will issue you a username and password then you will be able to setup your email to link with your portable device or email client. You can also use our web email access client. Then start giving all your family, friends, or business contacts your easy to remember email address and get your email delivered to your portable device or any computer that you can access the internet with.

  • We provide email service for your business or personal use!
  • We also provide email to your wireless device at low cost!

Simply by using your username@messagenow.net you can have your email delivered to you.

Our basic email service was $30.00 per year.
NOW ONLY $15.00 per year.

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